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What if you had someone who understands the operational challenges of building a tech company? Operativo gives tech entrepreneurs the operational structure and processes they need to grow their business. We help you build the right foundation and fix what’s broken.

Scaling a company is tough

Starting a company is one thing, growing it into a booming business is another. You’ll face different operational challenges that require effective management.

What we do

Operations a growth driver

Revenue Ops

Commercial and operational excellence across the board from sales automation and delivery to invoicing and cash in the bank.

People Ops

From recruitment and onboarding to performance management, compensation and benefits.

Regulatory & Compliance

Implementation of certifications, standards, and policies. Contract management. Stakeholder reporting.

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The value of operational excellence

Grow smarter
We help you scale your business by setting up the right team and structure that matches your strategic goals.
Proven solutions
There's an app for everything, but we help you pick and implement the right tools whilst applying best practices.
Increased productivity
By getting rid of bottlenecks and automating processes, you can focus on what really matters.
Bringing the team onboard
We make the transition to your new practices a breeze through documentation and team coaching.
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What are your areas of expertise?

We cover business operations that really matter to you: from revenue, product and people operations to regulatory and compliance.

We will work closely with your team of experts to manage strategic projects and facilitate change.

How do you work?

Operativo offers dedicated operations and project management services through active involvement in your daily business. As fractional Chief of Staff, we work closely with founders and leadership teams to focus on high-level strategic initiatives and bring operational excellence to your organization.

Do you work remotely?

Yes, we primarily work remotely, but we are flexible and can work on-site whenever you need us to.

Why not recruit an internal and full-time operations manager?

The price tag of such a full-time internal resource can be quite high for smaller organizations.

The unique value and impact of a fractional Chief of Staff cannot be overstated. Choosing Operativo leads to better cost-effective results, because we use our experience working with similar companies to continuously apply new best practices.

What industries and companies do you focus on?

We specialize in the tech industry, with a focus on companies providing digital products and services (SaaS).

How do you price your services?

Surprises should only belong to birthdays. That's why we charge a fixed monthly fee for our part-time assignments, so you know exactly what you're getting without any hidden costs.

Are you a CFO?

No, but we work closely with your CFO and accountant to make sure your revenue and finance operations run smoothly.

Are you an office manager?

No. Whilst HR administration can be part of the job, we tend to take a more strategic and high-level approach, with an emphasis on long-term rewards. We can help you find a fractional office manager, if you like.

How long can I hire Operativo?

We take on both short term projects and long term assignments. You can hire us for as long as needed until you reach the phase where a full-time internal hire becomes a better solution.

Do I get a dedicated resource?

Yes, we provide you with a dedicated resource tailored to your specific situation. We also involve other specialists when required.

Our team
Meet the operators behind
Photo of Peter Leclercq

Peter Leclercq

Co-founder & Operational organizer

I’m an experienced manager specializing in disruptive technology and SaaS scale-ups.

Roles: Chief of Staff | Chief Operations | Program Manager

Strengths: Planning, teams, tools, processes, documentation, getting stuff done.

Photo of Peter Leclercq

Andreas Creten

Co-founder & Evangelist

As a software engineer and entrepreneur, I help product companies achieve success through user-centered strategies, employee growth, and leveraging technology for optimal usability and quality.

“Peter is a highly knowledgeable and hard-working professional, adept at strategic thinking and hands-on execution. He consistently delivers high-quality work and prioritizes documentation. I highly recommend collaborating with him to elevate your ops processes to a higher maturity level.”

Jonas Boonen
Head of Product at CrazyGames

“Having Peter as a COO at Froomle was truly enriching and inspiring. His strategic vision and dedication to excellence had a significant impact on our team and the entire organization. His strategic guidance and commitment to our growth made him a remarkable organizational talent. I highly recommend Peter, as his expertise will undoubtedly continue to drive success in future endeavors.”

Vlada Pototskaia
Head of Engineering at Froomle

“During my time at Froomle, Peter played a crucial role in our success. His exceptional attention to detail and ability to establish efficient processes and organization were instrumental in driving the company forward. With his extensive knowledge and approachable nature, Peter is an invaluable asset to any organization. I highly recommend him for solving any operational problem.”

Amelia Labovitch
Head of Marketing at Manual.to
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